Opening Exhibit: Narrative Art

December 13, 2009

The Museum of Sacred Art is opening with the virtual equivalent of a blockbuster show called “Narrative Art, Storytelling in Pictures”. Peoples, cultures or traditions choose to tell stories that are a window into their thinking. Many of these tales were limited to oral narration and are lost. Still a large number have made it into the world’s literature. A smaller number of these stories were put into pictorial form. It leads one to wonder about what was illustrated and what was not. Why did the Assyrians leave visual representations of the power of their kings and why do we have no narrative images of the Sumerian creation or Gilgamesh stories? Why did the Shinto artists never illustrate their stories of creation and Amaterasu? Why did the Buddhist stories of the tales of Guanyin or Tara never get told in pictures? The Narrative Art exhibition will not answer any of these questions but hopefully will inspire others.

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