Ellora: Sacred Ground for Buddists, Saivists and Jains

This exhibit occupies the entire space of the upper gallery. The first floor is dedicated to telling the story of the development of the Buddhist mandala over a period of time in a series of caves at Ellora. The groupings of Buddhas, Bodhissatvas  and other figures was worked out in caves such as these and Ellora is the most compete record. The second floor includes the remarkable Cave 16 of Shiva that was completely excavated from a rock hill. It is the largest such temple in existence. After viewing the Buddhist caves, the viewer will notice similarities since some of the workman moved on from the Buddhist to the “Hindu”. The second part of the second floor show Jain art and can serve as an introduction for those unfamiliar with the tirthagathas. It is remarkable that the devotees of three great Indian religions were able to coexist peacefully at Ellora and share in the stylistic developments and the artisans.

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